2 Pac 4 Ever


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Legendary rapper Tupac Shakur led a controversial life. From his mercurial rise to hip-hop fame to his tragic death, Tupac burned the candle at both ends and was an inspiration to millions around the world. This Tupac documentary avoids the violence and controversy surrounding his death and instead focuses on the legacy of his music. Heartfelt interviews from his peers (Lisa ‘Lefteye’ Lopez, Too Short, Mike Tyson), behind the scenes footage, and concert clips show the side of Tupac that was far beyond the ‘thug’ of the evening newscasts. Tupac stays alive through his music and he continues to inspire not only his fellow artists, but a culture beyond hip-hop. In the words of KRS-One, “2PAC 4 Ever!”

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2 Pac 4Ever

2 Pac 4Ever


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